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IMVU is a social media and instant messaging platform which is the first 3D chat and dressup community where is users can select and avatar and chat , meet and buy on the IMVU platform . This platform is being very popular in countries like United States, United Kingdom etc.. is more popular for is new style of connecting with people where chatting goes to next level with 3D avatars . Well you can also have a try and below you can learn how to create account in and also learn how to get credits in and there will be also promotional credits called as imvu predits.

imvu login | imvu sign up |

How to Signup for

We can easily create an account in IMVU .

  • Go
  • Directly sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts
  • If not you can create a new account by Clicking on Choose your Free Avatar
  • If you are female choose a Female avatar , if you are male choose a male avatar
  • The Fill your details with first choosing the Avatar name, and check for its availability
  • Create a password and fill in the password
  • Fill in the email address and Date of Birth details
  • Complete the Captha checking process and click on the Sign up and you cannot will be created
  • Confirm the email address and you account will be fully active login signup

imvu download | imvu for PC | IMVU for MAC | IMVU for Windows 10 , Windows 8 or is not only available as the web based platform, but is available a Desktop app in Windows , MAC. You can download IMVU for PC after you create an account in it , and we will update the perfect procedure for IMVU for Android , IMVU for Windows 10 , IMVU for MAC. Imvu Download mobile or mobile is also available on mobile platforms

imvu for Android :

So you can also enjoy the imvu platform and have imvu download from the playstore . Go to playstore and search for IMVU

imvu for IOS :

The is also available as app on the iPhone all you need to do is go to iTunes and download

Can get the links for imvu mobile or imvu android or imvu ios here :

IMVU credits | promo credits

Imvu credits are important for the IMVU user, these are the currency used by members of the platform, where a user can buy dress, hair styles , shoes and all other things on the platform . IMVU Credits are can be bought from original currency on the platform but they cannot be converted back to original , until you are a developer and have developer credits .

Imvu Promo Credits : 

Imvu promotional credits are given and user can use it and these are know as imvu predits . These credits can also be used a the normal credits you bought , but there may be restrictions or is available as the web and mobile based platform so go have imvu download on you mobile and get imvu register and enjoy. Buy Imvu credits and any queries in imvu signup or imvu login can discuss below .

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