How to Upload a Video on YouTube

Upload Videos on YouTube :

YouTube a great platform for finding tutorials , Funny videos, movies , songs and many more .. The YouTube is available to anyone for free of cost also YouTube provides a feature of Live Streaming where someone can easily live stream the happening any where with just simple clicks on YouTube. By upload of Videos on YouTube you can even earn money. But to upload videos you need to have a YouTube channel and we can help you out to create one …But first in this we will know on how to upload videos on YouTube.

How to upload video on YouTube and Earn Money

We can upload videos on YouTube simply by your computer or android device or mobile phone or by iPhone all that you need is the proper internet connection with good upload speed . Please check your internet connection before you start upload videos on YouTube .

How to Upload Videos on YouTube using computer or Desktop

  • Go and Sign in to Youtube Channel
  • Click on the Upload button and you will have the page as below

upload videos on youtube

  • Click on Select Files to upload and browse the videos from your local folder
  • Hit the upload button and name a titles and description and you are done with the YouTube upload of Videos

How to upload a video to YouTube from your iPhone :

So to upload a video using your iPhone can be done in few steps .. Go and open the YouTube application and hit the upload button, browse the video you want to add and hit ok and YouTube video gets uploaded , all you need to now is add a Title and description to the video . also you can upload a YouTube video by email

Upload video to YouTube from android

Android devices the most used mobile devices and you can use the mobile devices to with android or any software to upload the video or android ..

How to upload video on YouTube from Mobile

To upload a video on YouTube from mobile or android open the app and sign in to your YouTube channel and start uploading the videos , add the titles and description .

Not only app but you can also use mobile browsers like Chrome or Mozilla browsers and then login to your channel and start uploading the similar way and then publish the YouTube videos .

Upload the YouTube Videos faster

There are lots of YouTube up loader apps or upload apk available which can help you to upload YouTube videos , but try not to depend on those third party applications as the way to upload videos on YouTube is simple . To upload the Videos faster on to YouTube all you need to do is check the internet upload speed …

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