How to know Who blocked me on Facebook

Who Blocked me on Facebook:

Most of internet users as an account in Facebook. Facebook block is a feature or option in the Facebook where you can limit a certain profile to reach you out i.e the a profile you blocked cannot see or access and get in touch using facebook chat if you have blocked him. The common use of Facebook block is to avoid bullying and sometimes to be anonymous. What ever may be the cause or reason for blocking but what if someone blocked you on the Facebook and you want to know who blocked me on Facebook then we will help you out who as blocked you on Facebook.

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook

Someone in your Facebook friends list may have blocked you and whatever may be the reason , you want to clarify who blocked you on the Facebook. Try out find who blocked me on facebook app

Check back the Messages Conversation with the Friend who blocked you :

Go to messages i.e and try to find the person who you doubt you are blocked by him and check back your conversation, Try to ping him and may be you may get a reply i.e the sign that you are not blocked by him

Use Facebook Search to Find how blocked you on Facebook

Facebook search can help you find who else blocked you , try to search with the user name of the friend and if you are not able to find the profile or redirected to broken link page then it can be the sign of you are blocked on Facebook .

Also alternatively you can use the Facebook Graph Search, where try to enter his username or profile id and if you are not able to find his profile then it may indication that you are blocked .

who blocked me on Facebook

Note : Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account while you are searching for who blocked you on Facebook ..

How to know who has blocked me in Facebook

Ask Mutual Friends if there Profile still alive, so you may have any mutual friend so ask him or her that they can see the profile of person who blocked you , send them the Facebook id or Facebook profile and if they can find and you cannot find the profile then you are blocked on the Facebook ..

The above are the methods on how to Find how blocked you on the Facebook or Who blocked me on FB .. We will makee you how to unblock yourself from who blocked you on Facebook..


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